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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

#CleanUpCashOut This Diwali, Let's celebrate freeing up space through Cashify

Diwali is the festival wherein everyone in great enthusiasm and spirit tries to clean up inside the house and outside too – there is no greater advocate as a festival to embrace the real idea of “swacch bharat”, the way Diwali does.

Diwali in essence is all about cleaning up all those items that you no more need to ensure that your house is free of space and allows the divine embracement of goddess Lakshmi – to welcome whom we all decorate our houses with lights and flowers, clean it up and therefore it becomes pivotal to also get rid of anything that’s old and no more needed.

This Diwali I too had my tryst with selling off all that I no more need, starting off with my 6 year old Dell Mini Laptop – which has been a truly great friend in need, due to it’s small size and therefore easy to carry flexibility. However, finding a buyer to pay reasonably for this 6 year old laptop (still working) wasn’t easy.

I began my search for the right buyer across my friend circle, only to be mimicked and made fun of, with my friends taunting me “bro, sell it for free, don’t be greedy. It’s a 6 year old laptop, whose going to pay anything for this!”

Well, I didn’t want them to be right. Afterall, Dell’s a big brand and the laptop worked just fine. To add to this, I had just bought a new charger for it and selling it off without making anything sounded a foolish idea to me.

No one in my friend’s circle wanted the laptop, so I turned over to electronic shops that entertain 2nd hand items.

After weeks of tiring efforts, only one shop agreed to pay me a minimal sum of just Rs500 for a laptop that is clearly around 10,000 in today’s market. I was disappointed and frustrated at how a reasonable seller was being made to sell a working item for far lesser the price that it deserves.
Having no choice, I had to give over my laptop to the shop and accept basically nothing payment of Rs500 in return. I was dejected and said.

A few days later, I met my friend Santosh.

Santosh had recently sold his old HP laptop for around 2000 and I was astonished, since his laptop and mine were approx. the same age and quite bit similar in specs as well. He had however gotten 1500 more for his laptop, whereas I got just 500.

I asked Santosh to which shop did he sell and he laughed and just said “shop? Come on man, that’s so outdated”.

I was a bit taken a back, if not an electronic store, to whom did he make the sale? I asked him.
Santosh then told me about Cashify. He explained that Cashify is the platform that believes in #CleanUpCashOut, the very platform that gives you an instant quote for your old gadget, provides you hassle free pick-up and gives you on-spot payment.

I was absolutely intrigued. I had no idea that such a platform existed for US – the middle class that looks to make the most of our old gadgets, that we always maintain in a good condition but while selling them, we’re often taken for a ride and made to settle for far lesser than the deserving prize.
I’m definitely shifting my way of selling, why don’t you too?

When trying Cashify for the first time, please use the code CLEANCASH to get additional Rs250 back on your sale.

This is how my view of selling my old items has changed and it has all to do with the coming of Cashify – a platform that is set to change the way we sell our old gadgets. 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

For the needs of your child, Horlicks is right

We’re living in a day and age wherein the growth mentally of children has reached a very mature age and they can tell us so much about technology and the world of gadget, perhaps they’re mentally way ahead of their age, as opposed to how we used to be but in this age of extreme mental intelligence; are they perhaps missing out on earning the much needed growth supplements to grow at ease and gain the much required body weight for apt age and keep growing to reach the apt high for their age – it’s a question sure worth to ponder upon.

I remember that when my son was 2-3 years old, I used to give him rice and curd – with it being cool to eat and dahi being a product of milk can be very nutritional for a young kid. What I also did was to ensure that he drank milk every morning and while some days sure he just wasn’t keen and my wife used to run around him in attempt to make him drink the milk – the days that he did, there was visibly higher energy as opposed to other days. That’s to speak about Milk and it’s nutrients. How about what you put in milk?  

While corn-flakes can only do so little and fill your child’s tummy, it doesn’t give the necessary growth requirements needed for the young one to gain the apt weight and height. What I did was, make the transition to Horlicks and even though at that time Horlicks didn’t have it’s newly launched “Growth+”, it still did encourage my kid to intake milk every morning as he loved the taste of a Horlicks.

As he grew in the next few months, we realized how important it is for not just our child but any child to have the habit of drinking milk with Horlicks as it’s a habit that even we as parents should adopt as we equally need the daily energy to keep fighting the odds of work and the commute to reach work.

The newly launched product of Horlicks i.e. “Growth+” is make amends in the Indian market and it has become just another reason to not worry a mother – the worry of a mother of whether her child will grow and attain the expected weight and height is a concern that Horlicks has taken over and ensured a product in the market that will in the long run ensure that no child lacks in the growth nutrients.

The Growth+ is a product backed by nutritionists and is made, keeping in mind the age group of 3-9 which is the most critical phase for a kid before reaching teen years. This age group is one that starts to go to school, gets comfortable in school and slowly but steadily learns the hardships that come with it – early morning, heavy bags, long 7-8 hours days and without proper growth, managing this is not easy.

Hence I say – for the need of your child, Horlicks is right. Horlicks a brand that always keeps the needs of the customer in check and ensures that what we want, is delivered. 

Friday, 3 June 2016

Datsun Redi-GO : A truly global car

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

I will test Datsun Redi-GO in the bollywood city of Mumbai to get a sense of it's seamless gear change, daylight feature and in-front of the eyes monitoring of fuel left, km traveled = happy me. 

In today’s urban world, the task of driving has become almost impossible in the sense that there are too many hindrances to make one take the “pleasure” from driving – the way we used to just a few years back. The roads are filled with potholes, the traffic is immense and the cars too aren’t sporty and compact – but it’s all about to change.

Any one who loves the world of cars and the world of automobile will be familiar with the reference to sport cars – for they truly are the variety of cars that are 1) smooth to operate 2) high on speed and 3) efficient in driving = all out fun for the driver and the car lover within each one of us.
Datsun – a company that has made a mark on the Indian market with it’s impeccable range of cars; that are delivered upon the customer’s expectations and each car has a unique MSP; it is quite visible from the exterior itself that the car is made for the international market and not just the domestic market. Show it off to your friends abroad and even they will find it hard to not praise the absolute gems that Datsun provides in the range of cars.

Adding to it’s absolute collection of cars, the Datsun has come up with Datsun redi-go; a car that is set to take the Indian market ablaze due to certain of it’s feature that’ll make the day to day urban driving a lot more easier and more important, fun.  Let’s discuss a few of these features :
1)      Yukan design : the yukan design ensures that you get a wide space inside the car and the sporty look of it is maintained for that is the essence of the car and makes it look so much stylish and  car for the “global” market. The aggressive robust style is apt for today’s urban clan driving.

2)      Daytime running lamps : now, we’ve all heard of the night lamps and how they are a necessity for safety in driving during the late hours but how about daytime running lamps! It’s a feature that has been somehow overlooked in the aspect of safe driving but Datsun also covers this crucial area of safety by the ways of implementing a daytime running lamp to make sure that you’re equally safe driving in the afternoon and the cars around you know that you’re coming.

3)      Small turning radius : when we get into the technicalities of driving, we’ve all had a bad day at driving – wherein nothing seems to go our way. The roads start to feel shorter and the area to cover seems endless. Especially on small roads in urban areas where there are houses on either sides, how to turn? Worry not, Datsun’s small turning radius allows you to make a full 4.7m turn.

4)      Drive computer : it is crucial to know the status of your car – be it the fuel remaining, distance covered, average mileage, distance to empty – these are core information’s that ensure a comfort ride and the drive computer in Datsun redi-go is in front of your eyes; making it easier to keep these crucial information’s in check and ready to take action upon.

From the perspective of features, looks and price point – the Datsun redi-go is a car made truly for the Indian consumer, even for those who can afford to spend only a little part of their hard earned income on owning a “truly global car” – the Datsun brand deliveries on a car of your dreams.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Let's impart togetherness in our kids

The idea of bliss in life comes from the fact that we all whether consciously or just naturally are driven by a force called “togetherness” – the prime example of which is that of the nature and the human being, which come together and create the world around us. Without nature, we as humans can’t exist and we shall not be able to find the purpose of life, should it not be for the nature which selflessly provides us the way of living life.

Nature in it’s essence is what drives our life. From something as basic as food to something as important as fresh air that we breathe, without nature – we’re bound to feel helpless.

I remember my grandfather teaching me how nature is our best friend and we shall in return, give something back to the “mother earth”. I must be just 5 years old when he said this but I still remember.

I remember my grandfather used to tell time by just looking at the rays of the sun, he could also tell whether it’ll rain today or not, he was so close to the nature that for him – the animals around the house were a part of his daily routine, he’d take care of the cows and the buffaloes and if for instance, a cow fell sick – it would refuse to eat but when my grandfather would go and feed it, the cow NEVER refused.

Which tells us that the real togetherness does not simply exist between just humans but supersedes between human and animals/humans and nature.

The teachings from nature are so simplistic that we often overlook it but it’s a fact that in our day to day life, we get to experience the real “togetherness” in nature. A bird preparing nest for it’s unborn child, a dog searching food for it’s puppy, two flowers merging and creating a new flower – this in the true sense is the togetherness in nature.

We need to realize as humans that for the nature that gives us so much, we must as well work together with nature and overcome it’s problems. Problems such as pollution, which is destroying the very nature that is keeping us “together” – is it an unjustified demand!

It’s time that we overcame the world of facebook and teach our kids about creating a relationship with the nature and nurturing it for our future generations. After all, nature is what we have borrowed from our future generations.

With the Diwali coming and the air pollution to be at it’s peak  - let’s pledge that we shall save the nature this Diwali and celebrate by giving something back to the nature. Hey, how about planting a tree!

It’s time to impart these values in our kids so that they can instill the same in theirs and create a much more stronger nature and give the apt definition to “real togetherness”.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G : For the professional, for the youngster

For a 50 year old that has spent majority of his life without the inventions like the computer and the mobile, being told about the internet technology on mobile about 3 years back was something that amazed me and shocked me – because 1) when internet came on computer it was in itself a revolution and now 2) the same technology on a 4-5 inch screen was absolutely stunning.

I had to use the technology first to believe that it actually existed and was efficient. About 3 years back when I tried the 2G technology, it sure was good but it lacked in the speed that one would desire on a mobile while travelling and especially on an office tour where being upto date with office mails was easier on laptop, for me at least.

Gradually when the 3G technology came about, it got a little more convenient and I was able to connect myself more with this technology, the emails were easier to use and not having to wait for the pages to load was certainly an add-on benefit and a whole new experience as a user. But still, sometimes, the speed lacked and I thought to myself – can think get any better! For someone like me who uses internet for office purposes, trying to learn while on the go and typing crucial official documents while sometimes in the airplane itself and sending them just after landing – can the internet technology get more faster!

FINALLY, Airtel has come up with an answer – YES. The Airtel 4G network ensures that now you need not to wait for pages to load, mails to be read, videos to be seen (bye bye buffering).

By profession, I’m a motivational trainer and a trainer, it’s my passion to hear speakers from all around the world speak about their life and motivate people. I’ve the habit of watching these videos while I’m in the air, on an office trip – you learn and also the time passes by.

BUT, I usually had to load up these videos on my pen drive and watch them, even when I was in the car on at a hotel.

NOW however, I can easily use Airtel’s 4G technology and watch videos on youtube without any buffering. Not only this, I can even download these videos if I wish and the download speed will be so efficient that I need not wait for the download to finish – say for around 3-4 hours.

You can make a fair assessment of the speed, comparing it to it’s predecessor – that is 3G technology, it was fast so wonder how fast will the 4G technology will be!

Uses like –
1)      Watching videos on the go
2)      Downloading your favorite movies
3)      Reading through different websites on the go
4)      No more awaiting for pictures to be load up
AND AND AND so much more.

The Airtel 4G technology is for both – the professional and the youngsters. A technology that is set to change the way we see, breath and live the internet. 

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dabur Honey : your daily dose of happiness

I remember that when I was a small boy, my mother used to give me water in which honey was mixed – I used to ask her “why this”? And she used to reply that it’s very healthy for you. A few years later when I grew up and put on some weight due to sitting job and no proper timing of having lunch/dinner and not being able to exercise, she gave me the same thing but this time, mixed lemon in it. I again asked her “why this” and she said “it’s ideal to lose weight”.

We often talk about the “ghar ka nooshka” and honey mixed in water with a drop of lemon, taken every morning is IDEAL for health and for those, whose ship of getting unfit has already shipped (believe me, we’ve all been there), the continuous frustrating attempts we make at rapid weight loss are nothing but sad and damaging to health.

I know a cousin of mine who stopped eating dinner for 1 month straight and only took 1 chapatti for lunch, in the bid to reduce weight and such drastic and major steps towards losing weight is what is called as “crash diet” – not only does a crash diet damage your health, it affects your daily protein intake and in today’s world that is driven by fitness par excellence, not getting the daily dose of protein can have great repercussions. Crash diet may be suggested to you by a friend or a family member in the bid to reduce weight and you’ll usually be told that a crash diet cannot have any damaging affect on your body but that’s all a false and if you really do go on a crash diet – you can easily experience your body losing it’s daily strength and the efficiency much required to be energetic and at the top of your feet at all times.

Honey has been since the Ancient India been considered as a vital source of fitness and a daily dose of honey can have a great impact on your body – give you the much needed source of fitness and help you reduce weight  - the way it’s meant to be, without losing up on the daily intake of protein.
Dabur Honey has been since I can remember the most trusted brand in India in terms of honey. The low quality honey that you see in the market will do you no good and thereby it’s important to use honey of only a brand as reputed as Dabur, associating with which gives you the feeling of “rest assured, this is healthy for you” – Dabur Honey has always been and continues to be a product trusted by Indians for it’s consistent quality delivery on the promise of the customers – helping them to intake quality honey.

People tell you all sort of things when you gain weight and how going on crash diets help but you should always opt for the means that are healthy and not ones with dire affects. Dabur Honey – your daily dose of fitness. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

UC browser - just what a nation driven by it's cricket needed

The power of browsing is realized when you’re on the go and in the need to surf fast and surf efficiently but usually the crash in browsing apps leads to irrigation and further to frustration because the user wants to enjoy a relatively easy experience which a browser with lags doesn’t provide but with UC browser lags are of the past – THIS browser gives you the ultimate joy ride as the user – “surf it all, surf it fast” is apt to describe the UC browser.

Further, for a country that loves it’s cricket – the UC browser ensures that you’re left too away from the game, ensuring that this relatively fast and easy experience involves you being with your true love i.e. “cricket” – wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Even if you’re on the go, you can still use the UC browser and the separate section of “UC cricket” to relish the experience of following your favorite sport LIVE.

The UC cricket provides user with updated scores of the matches taking place LIVE – the efficiency of this section of the browser has brought about a new dimension to browsing and given the users the ultimate ease to “surf it all, surf it fast”.

Without doubt, in the last few years the world of apps has taken over and we’re bound to have a few of our favorite apps – always carried with us and UC browser does become one such app.
Endorsed by the lion hearted cricketer in Yuvraj Singh – who very rightly is the face of this browser because of his “break all the records and break ‘em fast” way with which he plays his cricket – the sheer determination and class of his batting and the usefulness of his bowling became a sight to relish for the cricket fans through the last so many years and even today; he is without doubt one of the most admirable cricketers playing the sport.

The UC browser has the option of UC cricket on it’s home screen, in blue button – just click on it and you’ll be taken to the UC cricket section, giving you the updated scores from matches taking place all around the world.

Now, the issue of being away from your love for the game while you’re on the go is NO MORE there because after all; in this age of technology where every second counts and where mutli-tasking has become a way of life – such innovative ideas are surely welcomed because they take the user experience to a whole new level. Further, if you just like me always want to be updated with recent cricket scores while surfing the net – this is just the browser for you. The UC browser with UC cricket – just what a nation driven by it’s cricket needed.